Hi! Welcome to my world. I'm

Funmi Oloyede

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light

What I Offer

Leading others achieve purpose in life has been my desire

Music Minister

I lead people to worship Yahweh

An Author/Life Coach

I have authored several books and publications


I consult for different organizations and individuals


CEO of Peculiar designs, a Fashion outfit set to clothe its clients with glamour!

Break Forth

To every believer and minstrel across the globe

Break forth into joy, sing together, you waste places of Jerusalem: for the LORD has comforted his people, he has redeemed Jerusalem.

Worship Session

Join us in worship

Daystar Christian Centre

Daystar Christian Centre .....experience God in many dimension as you join Worshipers at the Daystar Christian Centre Lagos

The Overflow Worship Experience

it's an annual event where we bring in people from all walks of life to experience God in an atmosphere of worship and praise with signs following...

Worshipers Corner

Come and bow before the masters feet where our lives are poured out as sacrifices for his glory

The Overflow

My heavenly mandate is to rekindle true worship in the body of Christ that is why I organize The Overflow a powerful annual worship session, where thousands gather to worship the Lord in spirit, this is often characterized by sparkle and prophetic manifestations. 


Few days before the Overflow, I was not feeling too well and was managing myself. I almost did not attend the Overflow on the 12th of August, 2019 because I couldn't stand for long I can't really explain the experience I had when I eventually came and as soon as I entered into the hall, healing took place I'm forever grateful to God for his permanent healing over my life till date. How I got to know was that, I had much strength in me and was able to stand all through the worship session. Besides, the pains I had on my head disappeared. Praise God!
- Gift
Passion & Praise Overflow is an event i so look forward to every year. The worship experience is simply awesome. The 2019 edition of Passion & Praise is the only edition i have missed so far because i was unavoidably absent. That's how much the events have been a blessing to me: a stirring, a revival. Just when we think we have seen the fullness of God, He shows up in a fresh mind-blowing dimension... so amazing! God bless and replenish the convener and every vessel He uses.
- Wemi Moore
I attended one of the editions of monthly WORSHIP ALTAR. Right in the course of the meeting,God healed me of a heart condition that i have been battling with for about 3years! Without laying on of hands God did HIS miracle right there in the course of worship and praise.. Halleluyah.
- Olaiwola
This happened during OVERFLOW 2018. I was there when the praise and worship session was going on, I was connected in the spirit and prayed that God should give me a sign in this place. Before then someone was owing me and has refused to pick my calls. The next morning,the person owing me came to look for me and paid back my money in cash. God indeed answers prayers on this ground! Halleluyah!
- Festus.
I came for Passion and Praise December retreat in 2018. As at that time,i was at a cross road. My life was static and i was just a shadow of my life. I noticed that every prayer points raised during the course of the retreat addressed my issue. I am here in December 2018 to testify of the goodness of GOD. HE turned my life around in an unusual way. To GOD be all the praise! Praise God!!!
- Afolabi
I attended OVERFLOW 2016 at the dome of TBWF. I came with an ailment i have been battling with for quite a while Been to the Hospital several times. In the course of event, there was a mention of someone with private part disease being healed! To my amazement, few days after i discovered i was totally healed! All the symptoms disappeared No wound, no itching, no scar left!!! I am totally made whole! God is a miracle worker!
- Toyin